“The risk is 1 in 11 million flights”: How to overcome the fear of flying by plane

“To mitigate the fear of flying, it is especially important to receive the appropriate aeronautical knowledge, says Guervash. In that sense, it is advised to study how an airplane flies and how it is handled in the air; How maneuvers are performed in the air and what physical condition it can cause. In addition, it is desirable to be better informed about measures to protect themselves in case of an emergency. In history there have been miraculous cases in which the reaction of the passengers was vital. “”Do not even try to keep an eye on the noise of the engine, do not monitor the behavior of the crew members and do not draw disturbing conclusions when the plane is not landing and is circling the airport,”” insists the expert.

Aviation, noting that only professional pilots who have graduated from a civil aviation academy can do it correctly. He also points out that “”engine noise can change during flight and is very normal, just as turbulence is a normal phenomenon and as common as waves at sea,”” he says. When you are on the plane in flight and are experiencing something like a phobia attack, breathing practices and sound techniques help, which are “”quite effective””, according to Russian psychologists who attended the conference held in Moscow days After the catastrophe of the A321. Thus, for example, it is advisable to ‘sing’ the sounds ‘a’ and ‘i’, which allows, according to the experts, to control the psychophysiological state. “”The important thing is to control the psychophysiological state and not the flight conditions,”” they say.

Some believe that alcohol or some narcotic substances help lower anxiety attacks during flight, but it is a misconception because they simply do not work, according to psychologists. “”Alcohol is exciting, so it does not help to calm down. It gives you a certain state of euphoria that ultimately causes you more anxiety,”” according to psychologist Luisa Martín. “”Aerophobia not treated in time can become other phobias. Very probable that in a few years fears develop not only to the flights but to the closed spaces, the darkness, the heights and so on “”, warns Alexéi Guervash.